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Photography 101: 5 Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills.

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

1. Use the camera you already have.

There are countless amounts of amazing camera equipment out there today. However, pretty much regardless of price, the differences between pieces of equipment are small. In a lot of ways, today’s entry-level DSLRs are just as great as the best SLRs! So, don’t feel the need to upgrade from what you already have. Creative skills and proficiency of camera settings are much more beneficial!

2. Use the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds is equal to the rule of thumb for taking the perfect photo! This rule is based on the idea that pictures are the most exciting and well-balanced when they are not centered. Essentially, you split the image into thirds, horizontally and vertically. The intersecting points are the points of interest.

So, rather than positioning your subject or the important elements of the scene, you are placing them at the points of intersection. You can even take a photo using the rule of thirds by activating the grid option on your iPhone as well as your DSLR!