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Ella here! The first time I ever filmed something in my life was in 6th grade when I asked my teacher if I could create a short-film of a book instead of a traditional book report. Turns out she said yes and I handed in a short film every time a book report was assigned. After a while my teacher encouraged other students to create short films and book reports turned into mini film festivals.

Creativity was always something I leaned on. No matter what I was doing, I always tried to incorporate my creative side into it. In my Junior Year of College I realized that I wanted to take on the biggest creativity challenge yet - the challenge of building a company from scratch that combines everything I love to do. A long night in Manhattan with some great friends and Maven Media House was born.

This company is my whole hearted passion and I want to be able to bring that passion to new projects that can help other reach their creative goals.

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